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  • Understanding what really happens when we die
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Understanding what really happens when we die


Losing a loved one is hard. The life that you knew prior to this loss will forever be different each day moving forward. We have no control or ability to change losing a loved one. We are just left to deal with our grief. Understanding what really happens when the body dies can help ease some of that painful grief. Most people turn to religion for these answers. That’s never a bad thing; however there are so many different philosophies to choose from. It can cause confusion and doubt as to what the truth really is with so many options.

A good way to really form a clear understanding to the question “What happens when we die?” is to read true stories about what other people have experienced when they crossed over and came back. If you read enough stories you will find many in each one. When you have a large group of people reporting similar experiences it easily leads to the conclusion that there is truth to what they are saying.

The good news is that the majority of people who have had near death experiences don’t want to come back to life on this earth because it is so amazing on the other side. Let it first ease your mind that your loved one is in a pleasant place and is able to visit you whenever you are thinking or talking about them. Most people do not have mediumship ability which allows them to see spirits, but it is still possible to feel the energy of a loved one and know that they are in the same room as you even if they are not seen by our eyes. Sound crazy? It’s a thought that can become comforting when you are missing that person the most. Picture that person in the same room as you are and talk to them. You may even get a response in the form of a dream.

In the grief that comes after the passing of a loved one, there are ways to directly communicate with that person. In order to be able to do that there needs to be somewhat of an understanding in regards to what happens when we die. Spirits can be with us as much as they desire to. They can feel what we are feeling and listen to our thoughts. They can be with us in the same room at any given time. They just cannot necessarily make us see them. That is an ability that we need to develop on our own. Some psychics have the natural ability to see spirits in a physical form. They can also communicate with them and pass messages along to those still living. This can help comfort and validate that the deceased person is really in fact the one communicating directly with the psychic and it’s not made up. Make sure that the psychic medium that is passing along these messages knows nothing about the deceased person so that there is no doubt as to the validity of what is being said. Also, it is always a good idea to do extensive research on the psychic prior to going for a reading. Generally, a good psychic medium charges a substantial amount of money because they only have a limited amount of readings that can be done each day. This is because a lot of energy can be exhausted from each reading leaving them feeling drained.

A good psychic medium that has years of experience helping those who are grieving is Andrew Anderson. He reads out of his home located right outside of Chicago. He also does phone readings for those that are not able to come see him in person. Andrew has worked on many missing person cases and has provided police with information that has turned out to be accurate. He has been evaluated extensively and has been rated as one of Chicago’s top ten best psychics. If you are looking for answers from anyone that has passed or need closure with anything in your life, Andrew is an expert in his field and will leave you feeling much better than you did prior to meeting him.

Another way to connect with spirits is through dreams. Spirits often communicate with us by visitations in our dreams. They can leave us with comforting feelings or a specific message to move on with our lives because they are ok on the other side. If there is a question that you are looking for an answer to, ask it out loud before you go to bed and see if you have a dream about it. When we are sleeping we enter into a different state of mind that is more connected to the spiritual world. It can be easier for them to connect directly to us through our dream state.

A similar way to connect to spirits is through the use of meditation. If this is something that you have never done before, then buying a guided meditation is a great way to start. All you have to do is pop it into your cd player or download one on your ipod. Lay on a couch or bed and close your eyes and listen to it. Really pay attention to the instructions that are given and you will get the most out of each meditation. A good meditation to connect with spirits is one that Andrew Anderson made. He uses it to help get answers from spirits and the average person that is not psychic can also do the same.

Overall, actively working on creating an understanding that your loved one is ok will help you move forward in your life and be ok too. Restoring peace during the grieving process has become more possible with the amount of information that has surfaced about passing over and still having a connection and communication with the deceased. 


  • Tracy Freese
  • life coachmeditationminimalist wellnesswellness