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  • Get Organized this Winter with a New Book Shelf
  • Tracy Freese
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Get Organized this Winter with a New Book Shelf

Whether you believe there is such a thing as the "winter blues," or not, it’s common to find yourself wanting to stay in on a frigid Friday night with nothing more than a warm blanket, bottle of wine and a good book to read. When it's ten below outside, why not? Experts say “reading nourishes the soul,” but if your home is anything like mine, your books are lying in an disorganized stack in the middle of the bedroom floor. Or, maybe your book shelf is in need of a refresh. Now that it’s winter, it’s a perfect time to build your own dream book shelf.


The placement of your book self is critical. Pinterest is a great resource that can give you a bunch of ideas on where your books would look great in your home. Here are some favorites of DYI professionals.

  • Adding a book case underneath a stair case adds a whole new level of “coziness” to your home. This is the up and coming, super trendy thing to do right now. All of the celebrities are doing it and you should too.
  • In a nook with a comfortable bench or even better yet just a bunch of pillows lying on the ground. This provides you or your children an organized place to put your books and a comfortable environment to read them. The book case will look even better yet if there is some source of natural lighting coming in from a window.
  • An idea that’s new to the DIY world, is building a bed frame with a book case as the head board. This idea is a personal favorite, due to the fact that all of your favorite reads and within an arm’s reach while lying in bed at the end of the night, early in the morning or anywhere in between.

Examples of all of these wonderful ideas can be found on Pinterest, Instagram or Google. And the best thing about building or re-doing your book case is that it really isn’t as hard as it looks. But if you think you need to call in the pros, All Point Construction is a great resource for Michigan residents and is also happy to consult with anyone looking for a quality contractor in the United States. The company's website offers a lot of insight on do-it-yourself projects along with other construction how-to tips. Even if you are disinterested in building your own book case, they have lots other projects you may find exciting or helpful.

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist home and gardenminimalist lifestyleminimalist livingunclutter