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Bathroom Luxury on a Budget

Bathrooms can be the most complicated and expensive rooms to remodel. However, with careful planning and a few tricks up the sleeve, there ways to save on bathroom renovation. It also requires putting some effort yourself. Instead of spending enormous sums of money (in average, bathroom renovation costs can range between 5 and 10 thousand dollars) on your bathroom renovation, minimize your expenses and revamp your bathroom by following some of these tips.


A fresh coat of paint can always do well to your bathroom appeal. Make sure to clean and gently sand the wall before applying a new layer of paint to it, so to remove all the dirty, flaked and sticky spots. After the walls are free of mildew and dampness, decide which edges you do not want to paint (wood, moldings, or tiles) and place masking tape over them. The final look of the bathroom can be spoiled by paint stains, so use drop cloths to catch splashes of paint (cover the furnishings, shower and tub). For longevity of any bathroom style, neutral colors are the best choice. Use contrasting paint colors to highlight areas like window sills and bathroom cabinets.

Hardware Fixtures

Refresh your bathroom by adding new hardware fixtures, such as mirrors, towel racks, light fixtures, door handles, or a new medicine cabinet. Instead of buying brand new fixtures, start searching through flea markets and local thrift stores for great fixtures to bargain. Also, you can check online auction sites, because every now and then a nice antique, modern and unique fixture can be offered for a very small price. In the end, you can grab your old cabinet, repaint it, change its handles and the effect will be revitalizing.

Taps and Shower Heads

Changing shower heads and taps is a job that can be done in a matter of hours. Changing these elements can actually add more spark to your bathroom, but do not forget to match the colors. The silver appeal is the most common, but you can match them with the overall bathroom design. When you are already changing them, consider buying water-saving devices. These green bathroom gadgets are both budget and environmentally friendly, because they greatly limit water use, without creating the feel of water using deficit, advise us experienced plumbers from Monmouth County.


Learning to place a tile floor and fix grout is really not that hard. Also, this skill is quite useful, because the look of your bathroom can be negatively affected by broken or cracked tiles. Fixing or replacing them can greatly improve your bathroom’s design, and all it takes is a bit of trial and error to master the craft yourself. Tiling is a job that must not be rushed, because it requires meticulousness and patience. Go with another tile color this time, for a genuinely fresh feel.


The last but not the least, accessorizing the bathroom with stylish details should be the last touch in your bathroom revamping project. From small details, like replacing the curtain rings, shower curtains, towels and rugs, to larger ones, such as adding plaques and pictures on the walls, you can enhance the style of your bathroom design. It is important to remember, however, not to disturb the balance. If you overcrowd the room with accessories, it can look quite overwhelming. Select accessories carefully.

With a bit of research, planning and additional effort, your bathroom can be revitalized by a few simple steps. Instead of doing a total bathroom transformation – replace, repaint, and slightly rearrange. When it is all done, you will be stunned by realizing how little it actually takes to revamp and refresh the looks of a boring old bathroom.

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist home and gardenunclutter