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  • Tracy Freese
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Minimalist Bathroom Upgrades with Merlyn Showering

Thinking of transforming your bathroom to something more modern and minimalist? Overwhelmed with the mountains of product lines and high prices out there? Picking a retailer can be hard and even a little scary. Here is our process to jump start your project:

  1. Choose your aesthetic
  2. Research high quality brands within that criteria
  3. Find the lowest prices

The Home of Wealth editors did a bit of searching and determined UK retailer, Showering Select, to be one of its favorite outlets for minimalist shower models. Showering Select offers the lowest prices with the highest selection of contemporary design. The website focuses on the Merlyn brand of showering supplies inexpensively priced with convenient delivery channels. 

Merlyn’s Minimalism 

Merlyn does minimalism better. This brand is every minimalist's dream. Sleek, simple and contemporary. Merlyn’s range of bath screens promise high quality, toughened glass accompanied by contemporary styles to ensure a style for every consumer. Series 6 and 8 are sure to provide for any bathroom need. The double chrome design is an additive to its assured quality.

High Quality

Showering Select brings forth high quality bathroom products to customers with Merlyn brand. Merlyn Showering Supplies, Lifetime Guaranteed, enclosures stand out as the finest bathroom environments in the world. Merlyn’s attention to detail is what makes the quality of these products different than the rest. With the cleanest urban and modern bathroom styles Showering Select will make any bathroom remodel or flip of the highest quality.

Low Price

Showering Select is guaranteed to land within your remodel budget and leave excess for a nice dinner after all the work is done! Most Showering screens average around $600, Showering Select can provide you with the best quality supplies at ¼ of the cost. Showering Select promises to provide its consumers with the lowest prices on the Internet or they will price match. Certified and quality tested, Merlyn Showering offers the greatest experience for the price that online bathroom suppliers have to offer. The state of the art Mershield Stayclear glass coating and hydrophobic layer make cleaning easier than ever.


  • Tracy Freese
  • aestheticminimalist designminimalist home and gardensimpletimelessunclutter