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  • Tracy Freese
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Minimalist Trend Alert - Mars Battery Operated Candles


The latest minimalist interior design trend alert comes to you from Mars Battery Operated Candles. Convenient, economical and safe, Mars Battery Operated Candles are exactly what you need in your home or upcoming event.

Normal candles can be a mess and a major safety issue. The flickering and flameless candles by Mars eliminate the hassle and worry. Giving off as much luminosity as tealight candles -these will be the easiest product to integrate, anywhere.

Words from the owner:

“My name is Sue A, I am a mother of two kids. I found that ordinary wax candles are not safe at home with young kids around so I started selling battery tea lights which I can use to decorate our place without any hazards. Later on, I found that event centers and hotels prefer to use battery candles as well due to it's benefits - no wax drips, hazard free and easy to use. Our products are popular to weddings, brides, special occasions and home.”

The price per dozen will astonish you when you calculate the “burn time” versus regular candles. Economic and efficient, setting up many of these at a time are a breeze to clean up. Large wedding planners rejoice. You will be amazed at how natural these look in your centerpieces.

The slightly melted aesthetic gives these particular models a less tacky appeal compared to others. Keep your decor lit for hours as they uphold a romantic atmosphere both indoors and out. The warm white color looks the most realistic among other LED candle products which Mars promises will look great in any environment.

Goodbye Mess, Hello Versatility!

One of the bigger issues customers express with tealights is getting them into hard to reach areas for decor items. These will not burn you or drip wax anywhere when you are placing them as they are, of course, flameless! No smoke, no clean up, no replacing a new one after every burn. Secondly, they are approved by any event and rental locations whereas flame candles usually are not. They solve any problem you could have with wax candles.

Bright and never artificial looking -Mars Battery Operated Candles should be a staple in your home or event. They make a unique gift idea for anyone! Mars offers a 12 month replacement guarantee and batteries are included. Look no further than these battery operated candles by The Marsians!

To order click HERE or on the main image above.



  • Tracy Freese
  • aestheticminimalist designminimalist home and gardensimpletimelessunclutter