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Menstrual Cup Buyer's Guide

Ladies are you sick and tired of spending hundreds of dollars on products for your not so "special time of the month?" Or, maybe you’re tired of worrying about constant leaking and pad or tampon changes at the most inconvenient times? And, I think we all can agree that we’re exhausted of always worrying about catching the potentially deadly disease Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS). If you fall into one or more of these categories than listen up, Home of Wealth has just the product for you.

Menstrual cups are the hot new trend right now. They’re blowing up your social media, along with constantly being talked about in the media (and for good reason.) If you do not recognize the term ‘menstrual cup’ that’s okay too. A menstrual cup is another product that a woman can use to help defend off leaking during her period.  But except of being like all the other products currently out there, it is extremely convenient, safe and economically smart.

Now what makes our menstrual cup so much better than the ones already out there? Well, unlike the other brands of menstrual cups (Diva Cup, Luna Cup, Soft Cup, Ect.) we don’t believe that your period is something to glamorize. Your period isn’t fancy, pretty, or delicate so why make it out to be that way? Why not take it for what it is and leave it at that? The Minimalist Menstrual Cup Collection will give you exactly what you need; nothing more and nothing less.

When you first get a Minimalist Menstrual Cup, you will notice that our packaging is made our of 100% recyclable, biodegradable material. It is simple but also fits with our theme of ‘minimalism.’ Once again, you’ll be getting exactly what you need and nothing more. Not only is our menstrual cup good for women but it is also good for the environment too.


If you’re reading this and wondering, what is so great about a menstrual cup, let me tell you. By starting off, the Minimalist Menstrual Cup Collection is good for your body. Unlike a tampon which you can leave inside you for 4-8 hours, a menstrual cup can stay in for up to 12 whole hours. Do you realize all of the freedom this gives you ladies? By this fact alone, one could get a good night’s rest without waking up without any leakage. And you can go a whole day at work, classes or with your kids without the inconvenience of having to base your schedule on when you need to change your tampon or panty liner.

Another way our menstrual cup is good for your body, is there is absolutely no risk of getting toxic shock syndrome. You may be thinking how this is possible? How can I wear something for a longer amount of time while decreasing my risk? I have one simple answer to all of your questions; no cotton. Since the Minimalist Menstrual Cup Collection is made out of 100% medical grade silicone, Toxic Shock Syndrome doesn’t even have to be a concern to you.

Also, since our product is made completely out of clear dye free silicone, one doesn’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals getting inside you. Most other menstrual cups come in pretty, fun colors; but the Minimalist Menstrual cup doesn’t believe that the risk of putting any type of dye or chemical into your vagina is worth the payout. The Minimalist Menstrual Cup comes in one clear color with two different sizes to choose from, because truly, that is all a women needs.

Not only is the Minimalist Menstrual Cup good for your health and body but also it is good for your wallet too. One menstrual cup can last you up to ten years. That’s right, I’ll repeat myself again; ten years. Therefore, once you buy one of our Minimalist Menstrual Cups you’re set for a long time. No more late night trips to the convenient store or pharmacy to grab that box of tampons. No more spending hundreds of dollars on a product that is a necessity for our health. Once your period is over all you have to do is clean your menstrual cup and put it back into the baggy that you’re provided with and wait till next time.

Some other benefits of using a Minimalist Menstrual Cup:

  • A menstrual cup holds more liquid than any other product out there (hence the 5 extra hours you get to leave it in.)
  • It won’t dry out your vagina walls since there is no cotton.
  • One cannot physically contain a rash like one could by using a pad.
  • Decreases clutter in your purse, bathroom or anywhere else that you have countless tampons or pads lying around.
  • Great for women who have experienced child birth.

Extended Wear Menstrual Cup

Besides our amazing Dye Free Menstrual Cup we also offer the cutting-edge menstrual cup model within our line called the "Extended Wear Menstrual Cup." Both cups are great, and it is totally up to you to decide which one fits best into your lifestyle. The main difference between the two cups is that the Extended Wear has a longer stem at the bottom with a bead inside of it. This allows you to drain the access blood without having to physically take out the menstrual cup and dumping it out. There is no difference in sizes except for the stem. The Extended Wear Menstrual Cup just adds more convenience into your life.


Many women are switching over to menstrual cups for the obvious reason that they offer more benefits to women than any other feminine hygiene product out there. Our Minimalist Menstrual Cup Collection could be that lifestyle change that you’ve been looking for. While menstrual cups take some getting used to, we promise they are most definitely worth a try. Shop the Home of Wealth website or our Amazon storefront for affordable prices and free shipping. Don’t forget, once you purchase one of them, you’re set for ten whole years. Overall, by switching to a Minimalist Menstrual Cup you’ll be doing your body, the environment, and Mother Nature all a huge favor.

  • Tracy Freese
  • minimalist health and fitnessreusesimpletimelesswellness