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No Sheep Here - Silently Keeping You Safe

We live in a world that presents numerous dangers every single minute. You never know what lies around the corner or who exactly you can trust. That is why No Sheep Here has dedicated their lives in providing necessary weapons and tools to keep you safe.  This company is founded upon the belief that “managing risk personally and professionally requires education, preparation and practice.” That is why the website contains not just items but educational videos on safety and risk management as well. No Sheep Here believes you must know these three core values;

  • What to do.
  • How to do it.
  • Where to go in emergency.

How it all started

This business first began by working and developing key products that work with law enforcement. The goal was to minimize their risk through technology. Some of the great perks that No Sheep Here offers include, but are not limited to;

  • Great customer service.
  • Unbeatable pricing.
  • Monthly specials.
  • A wide line of weapons, accessories, tools and gadgets- you won’t know where to begin!

The company's founder recognized that the reason for qualifying for and obtaining a CCW was to carry a concealed weapon. 

While I have seen some companies create a type of signage or sticker indicating that you are armed, whether you are or not, I would advise saying away from these kinds of options for it can just merely state you are armed or have a gun, not a good idea with a CCW. Now look at our Licensable Logo, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It does not say anything like that, however the Beware No Sheep Here can mean many things, especially that you subscribe to a prepared posture in all situations that involve personal safety.

We feel INCOGNITO is what everyone should do and be until the time comes that you cannot be. Simply stated. So our Wolf Wear is your way, regardless of whether you are armed or not, to show “Beware No Sheep Here™” which can demonstrate your inner beliefs in so many areas, especially in personal security.

STS, understanding the need for mitigating risk when placed in situations without your CCW, or in “Gun Free” zones, has always been a believer that the best proven alternatives commonly in use today are Knives.  Most are durable and are “SelfAssisted” or Gravity Opened”.  The absolute value behind a knife among many traits like concealability, weight, blade steel to name a few, is the ability to open it very quickly in an emergency, with one hand. 


Thing’s you’ll notice

One of the first things you’ll notice when first entering the website, is they have four main categories of options to buy from;

  • Automatic Knives
  • Tactical Options
  • Law Enforcement
  • Wolf Store

All categories are extremely well balanced and will fit into almost everyone’s needs! You’ll also notice that the website along with the company itself is very simple and practical. This is because, this company believes that you should always minimize your actions to limit risk.

Tactical Virtual Private Network (TVPN)

One of the many great products this website offers to consumers is the Tactical Virtual Private Network. This product isn’t just one of a kind; it’s extremely popular as well.  The TVPN has the ability to work well with night vision and thermal imagining. This is just one great example of the many versatile products No Sheep Here offers.


There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing to buy from No Sheep Here; the only sell certain weapons like the automatic knives to law enforcement, military and first responders. They do this to follow code and to keep a dangerous weapon out of the wrong hands. There is a toll free phone number for you to call at any time for questions, concerns or comments about the page and/or weapons. This is key in order to achieve that great costumer service they provide, and also keeping everyone safe by answering any questions one might have.
  • Tracy Freese
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