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About Tracy Freese and Alle Suehl

Co-founders Tracy Freese and Alle Suehl embrace the minimalist concept by living with less, and loving what they do.

Home of Wealth supports microfinance through PhilanthroCapitalism, which is a venue in which your support of this website provides assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners lacking access to banking and related services.

They also support Financial Literacy, which basically means the ability to understand how money works in the world. While they emphasize helping everyone, they are especially passionate about helping minorities and women.

Tracy Freese, MA, CTEP
Tracy has spent the past ten years working in the personal finance arena as a stock broker, insurance provider and corporate trustee.

Alle Suehl, MS in English Studies
Alle is an English professor at FH Schule University in Osnabrueck, Germany. She specializes in communication, and provides an international perspective on simple living.


If you struggle living a life surrounded by stuff and a job that’s holding you down,

contact Tracy and Alle to discover a minimalist path to your HOME OF WEALTH.

  • minimalist lifestyleminimalist livingreclaimrepurpose