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  • Keep Your Roof in Top Shape with Twelve Oaks Roofing
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Keep Your Roof in Top Shape with Twelve Oaks Roofing
Keeping your house properly maintained can make a house look spectacular. Keeping your home maintained properly is not only essential to making your home look great, but also to have the value of the property continually go up. The roofing on your house is one of the most underrated features of a house, but is obviously essential for the house. There is no need to have a roof that is falling apart or does not look great.

All of your roofing needs are met with Twelve Oaks Roofing

The professionals at Twelve Oaks Roofing, the best roofing company in West Bloomfield, MI want to make sure that your roof is looking great and functioning properly. Twelve Oaks Roofing ensures that they have the best quality and services in Michigan. As a family owned business they are able to provide the best in customer service and the finest services to ensure that families have the proper roof over their heads. Twelve Oaks Roofing hires only the best craftsman to make sure that the roofing is properly installed. Twelve Oaks Roofing provides the following services:

  • Residential Roofing: We are able to repair all types of residential roofing. We are able to do the tough jobs like roofing flat and metal style roofing. We do the finest job in repairs, maintenance, or replacement.
  • Commercial Roofing: We ensure that we are the commercial roofing experts of Michigan. We continue to do roofing repairs and replacements for schools, warehouses, apartments, office buildings, restaurants, and any other commercial building needing roof repairs. 
  • Roofing Maintenance and Repairs: Every type of roofing repair or maintenance needed regardless of the house or building. We do the best repairs in the area for every roofing need. We use only the finest GAF, CertainTeed approved materials. 
  • Roofing Winterization: Whether the job needed is ice removal or snow shoveling on your roof, we are able to do that. We know that winters in Michigan can get a lot of snow or reach extreme cold, so it is tough to get up there and remove the snow. So the experts at Twelve Oaks Roofing will get up on your roof and remove the snow and ice. 
  • Free Roofing Inspections: We are able to provide an inspection of the inside and the outside of the house for absolutely free. We check for wear and tear or holes in the roof. 
At Twelve Oaks Roofing we provide the finest in roofing repairs, maintenance, and replacement. Using the finest materials and having the best employees in Michigan, it is no wonder why people are choosing Twelve Oaks Roofing for all of their roofing needs.
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