About Us

Home of Wealth Co-founders Tracy Freese and Alle Suehl embrace the minimalist lifestyle wholeheartedly and dedicate their efforts to furthering the minimalist perspective.

Alle and Tracy believe in placing charity before profit 100%. They support Philanthrocapitalism, by donating $1 of every product sold to support Microfinance efforts, a form of financial services for entrepreneurs and small business owners lacking access to banking and related services. 

The pair also promote Financial Literacy, because a person's best defense against Wall Street is knowing how the game is played. While they emphasize helping everyone, they are especially passionate about helping minorities and women.

Tracy Freese, MA, CTEP®
Tracy has spent the past ten years providing personal finance advice as a stock broker, insurance specialist, and corporate trustee. Tracy began a new chapter as entrepreneur, educator, and author. Tracy believes uncluttering life will lead to financial prosperity and has repurposed her expertise to support a wider online audience.

Alle Suehl, MS in English Studies
Alle is an English professor at FH Schule University in Osnabrueck, Germany. She specializes in minimalist writing, design, and aesthetics. Alle empowers minimalist design efforts through new techniques, latest trends, and best practices. Minimalist creation takes patience, understanding, and the ability to strip subject matter down to its basic essence, join Alle for the latest buzz.


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